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A Brief History

Massage has always played an important part in Indian life and can be dated back as far as 4,000 years ago when it was referred to in the earliest Ayurvedic texts.

Indian Head massage, also known as Champissage, originates from a hair treatment incorporating massage, which was used by Indian women to maintain the condition of their long dark hair and to protect it from the drying effects of the sun. Oils such as olive, almond, coconut and henna were applied to the scalp and pulled through the hair. Herbs and spices were often added to the oils to improve the smell of the oil and to add to the overall therapeutic effect of the treatment.

Apart from the obvious benefits of an oil treatment through the hair, the massage itself helped tremendously by improving circulation to the scalp thereby stimulating hair growth. Many barbers in India began to offer invigorating head massage as part of their treatment. The word shampoo originates from the hindi word champi, meaning head massage.

Indian Head Massage. IHM

What is Indian Head Massage?

A treatment based on these traditional Indian techniques, the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face are worked on during the treatment using a variety of massage movements. My IHM treatment is carried out with the recipient sat on a low-backed chair, with the use of coconut oil on the skin and hair for its additional benefits.

Add the option of hot stones to further enhance the massage - available from mid December 2016.

Effects and Benefits

The physical benefits experienced from Indian Head Massage may include:

  • Improved blood flow to head and neck, bringing with it oxygen and nutrients to nourish the body’s cells and promote healing
  • Lymphatic drainage to the head and neck is stimulated and increased, therefore waste materials from the body are eliminated more efficiently
  • Relieves muscular tension and improves muscle tone
  • Improves mobility of joints
  • Helps to ease headaches and migraine
  • Relieves mental strain and aids concentration
  • Relieves sinusitis and congestion – persistent snorers might experience up to three nights of trouble-free sleep after the massage
  • Scalp massage relieves tension from the scalp and increases blood supply to the area, thereby improving the condition of the hair and increasing the rate of hair growth
  • Revitalises the whole body

    Psychological benefits may include:
  • Alleviates stress, anxiety and depression
  • Helps the body to achieve a state of equilibrium – a balanced feeling of peace and calm
  • Clears the mind

    Subtle Benefits:
  • Re-balances the flow of energy through the body
  • Stagnant energy is released

    The use of oils can also provide further beneficial effects.

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